Pre Construction | Vendome Project

Prior to the extensive rectifications and renovations carried out by Bleyer constructions in 2006/7 the state of the house was abysmal. Severe problems with the concrete roof involving structural cracks and failed waterproofing ensured persistent leakages inside the house. Inappropriate excavation had undermined the house’s foundations causing major cracks along the external and internal walls of the entire dwelling. Gross neglect and lack of maintenance of the building was the primary cause of these defects. A lack of, and faulty services; such as plumbing and electrical along with these defects made the house virtually unlivable, thus in desperate need of rectification.

This picture illustrates the dilapidation of the roof, in particularly around the skylights. Here the existing membrane has failed, thus the entry point for the internal leakages

This internal photograph of the skylights illustrates the extensive damage caused by this excess moisture. Here the slabs structural integrity is threatened and in need of rectification.

Here is another photograph demonstrating the internal moisture problems caused by the failed waterproofing membrane on the roof.

These water stains bordering the house are due to the inadequacy of an effective storm water system on the roof.

Some more evidence of external wall stains, proving to be aesthetically disturbing.

This photograph illustrates the poor condition of the original glass in the upper and lower “view rooms”. The glass was too thin and not up to safety standards, providing a hazard to its residents, thus in need of renewal.

Photos recently included in the Exhibition at Customs House curated by Patrick Keane “Form to Formless”

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