Completion | Vendome Project

This is the finished product of the terrazzo flooring constructed. The artwork is now evident in the floor, as such is an exceptional architectural feature throughout the house including the kitchen and bathrooms.

This photo shows the terrazzo flooring continuing through the kitchen. This unique kitchen was custom built to allow for the curvature of the building, as such was constructed in segments until the appropriate arc was achieved. With state of the art appliances and architecture, the kitchen really provides a fourth dimension for this whole project.

Here is another angle of the kitchen depicting the kitchen bench and breakfast bar under the bay windows, with explicit views of the Spit and Clontaff.

Here is another photo showing the terrazzo flooring, continued into the bathrooms.

Here is a photo of the deck Bleyer Constructions rebuilt. The existing one was unsafe and aesthetically displeasing. Here custom made curved stainless steel handrail was installed echoing the curved theme of the house.

Photos recently included in the Exhibition at Customs House curated by Patrick Keane “Form to Formless”

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