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Building new homes

Have you been thinking of building a new home? if you have then its strongly advised that you do quite a bit of research before you start. Building a home can cost you a lot of money and so it is important that you get it right the first time around. It is also equally important that people invest in hiring the best new home builders curl curl.

The one thing that people need to avoid when searching for a home builder is looking at their price tag. In the building industry or the construction industry you quite frankly get what you pay for. This is why as experienced home builders in Curl Curl we strongly advise that people have a meeting with us to discuss what they need and what they want. At Bleyer Constructions we have been building homes for a very long time, since 1955 to be precise. In addition, we are constantly innovating with new designs and styles. Our approach to building new homes is to first understand what our clients hope to achieve and then work accordingly. Plus we only use the best materials that money can buy and every aspect of your home including the electrical system, gas lines, drainage and sewerage systems are designed and laid out by seasoned professionals so the chances of them making a mistake is next to none.

From concept to delivery

All our projects start with an initial concept. The concept is based on what you need, the size of your property, your budget and what we think should be done based on all those variables. We put in a lot of time and money to ensure that the concept we show you is perfect in every way, of course at this point you can opt to make changes to the concept. But this will be the basis of our construction project and the only way for us to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

In addition, to the initial meeting we keep you informed of our progress every step of the way until we deliver the project in time. This saves you from additional stress and anxiety that many other people who get homes built experience during the construction phase.

If you need a home built then contact us right now! Email: or call: (02) 9982 4042.

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