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Building specialists

Building a new home may seem simple enough to most people who have not undertaken the task. However, apart from the financial aspect of building a new home there is also the logistical aspect that many people do not realize until a building company starts working on their home. There are many things that can go wrong if the building company is not experienced and the slightest mistake can become a big one if not rectified in time. But we are different!

At Bleyer Construction we have been building homes for over five decades. We understand that building a home takes more than just labor and high quality materials it requires a vision, and a design that encompasses both necessity and aesthetics. This is why we always start by working closely with clients  from the time we are commissioned to start building a new home. It is this approach to building homes that has led to us being called one of the leading new home builders in Collaroy but despite that label we continue to improve every day.

From design to final product

At Bleyer Constructions we have surrounded ourselves with some of the best minds in the construction and design industry. The professionals who are a part of our team are visionaries with years of experience. They understand how a home needs to be designed, built and finished so that it provides home owners with the highest return on their investment over the years. This is why we take the initial client meeting so seriously because it is this meeting that becomes the basis of what we design and how we go about building the home so that it is completed on time, within estimated budget and is perfect in every way humanly possible.

Leading home builders in Collaroy 

Most people may assume that getting a home built is as simple as hiring a construction company for the job. The problem with this approach as many people soon find out is the fact that there are literally dozens of construction companies out there. Since, everyone will tell you that they are good it is important to look at what they have achieved objectively in terms of success over the past couple of years. The one mistake most people make when choosing a home building specialist is that they look at price as being their objective when choosing one. Consider the fact that even building a cheap home via a cheap builder is going to cost you thousands of dollars but if it’s not done right it will cost you thousands more.

There are quite literally hundreds of things which can go wrong when you hire a building company which is cheap or inexperienced for that matter. A mistake for instance which is not rectified on time will mean that you later need to spend a lot more money to get it fixed. Since, most people have no experience in the construction industry it is easy for builders to mask these mistakes so people find out about them when it’s too late.

 Why us?

As experienced home builders in Collaroy we at Bleyer Construction have built quite literally dozens of homes over the five decades that we have been in business. Nobody understands building and construction better than us and it is for this reason why our clients are always the most satisfied and our services come highly recommended.

As professionals our experience has proven that building a home requires more than just spending money on expensive materials and labour but it requires vision, design and most of all aesthetics. This is something that we bring to the table for our clients which is unmatched in the industry. Unlike other construction and building services as home builders in Collaroy we work very closely with our clients from start to finish so that they are involved in the process every step of the way, and so that the outcome is exactly as what they expect if not better.

Only the very best in the industry

We are perhaps one of the few home builders in Collaroy who spend time and money on hiring the very best in the industry to join our team. This allows us to produce designs and structures which at first seem impossible. Every design we produce has been thoroughly considered, inspected and revised to ensure that it is the very best in every way for our clients. This is why we never backtrack from our proposed designs unless of course it’s something that our clients want us to change.

If you have been searching for a new home building company in Collaroy that you can trust then contact us right away. In addition, feel free to call us during business hours: (02) 9982 4042. You can also shoot an email over to us at: and we will make it a point to contact you.

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