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If you ask anyone who has recently got a new home built they will tell you it’s a hassle. As a matter of fact a fair number of people will tell you that it was a hassle getting their new home built. Some will even tell you that despite all that hard work they were still not satisfied with the outcome. The leading reason being that most people choose the cheapest and consequently least experienced new home builders in Balgowlah in the effort to save money. The other reason why they may not be satisfied is because they have not had an initial chat with the builder to finalize everything before construction started. Since most builders are not very flexible they will not honour any change in plans later on.

Hire a reputed builder

Bleyer Constructions is one of the leading new home builders in Balgowlah. We have been building new homes and renovating spaces since 1955, making us the one of the oldest in the country. However, age is the only factor in the building industry but we also have the best reputation for completing construction jobs on time, delivering the best looking homes and being flexible with our clients. This is why we also happen to be one of the most recommended building services.

As experienced new home builders in Balgowlah our approach to building a home varies depending on the nature of the project. However, it always starts with an initial discussion with our clients. The discussion helps us understand what they want and how we can deliver the best most durable home within an ETA that everyone can agree one. It is only after this initial discussion that we decide to start working. It is also important to note that our clients have the highest satisfaction level and always recommend our services to friends and family members who want to build new homes. This is what has led to our iron clad credibility!

Most people who have contacted us to be their home builders in Balgowlah will tell you that they think getting a home built is a big hassle and its true to some extent. The reason being that most builders have a pretty tedious process followed by our government that requires a ton of paperwork from the time you start to the time you end. But you shouldn’t let that hassle get in the way of building your dream home, as a matter of fact our building service ensures that you’re saved from a lot of that hassle.

Cheap versus professional

To start off most people are hassled by home builders in Balgolah because they choose the cheapest one. The truth about getting a new home built is that cheap is not necessarily good as a matter of fact it can be bad for you, the reason being that many of the cheap building companies lack the experience needed to build anything beyond conventional structures. Plus some people remain unsatisfied with the quality of the work done because the builder did not follow through with all their specifications. Most builders are not very flexible and so they will not honor any changes beyond the design phase for a home. But this is not the way we at Bleyer Constructions do business.

Years of experience and an iron clad reputation

Bleyer Constructions has over fifty years of experience as new home builders in Balgowlah. We have been building and renovating homes for a very long time, as a matter of fact we are the oldest in Australia. That said we do not want age to be the only reason why you hire our services rather our reputation as excellent home builders in the country coupled with the fact that we can quite literally show you dozens of homes that we have designed and built over the years. This is why a lot of our business is still via word of mouth and we spend little in the way of advertising. Despite our age we are still growing thanks to a team of the best architects and building experts in the industry.

Because we are professional new home builders in Balgowlah our approach to designing and building any home varies mainly depending on what our clients need and want. That said we always like to start working on a project after a detailed discussion with the client. We would like to learn what you want your dream home to look like, feel like, and most of all what it should have. We also like to outline the timeline within which our clients expect us to deliver the finished product as well as their budget. Once we understand what our clients need via this initial discussion we feel comfortable conveying what we understand to our design specialists who start visualizing and designing the home.

Interestingly it is this very approach though thought to be time consuming is the reason why our clients have the highest satisfaction ratios compared to any other business that builds homes in Balgowlah. It is also the obvious reason why we are the best.

People who have been thinking of building a home need to contact us right away. You can call during business hours: (02) 9982 4042 or email: and we will get in touch with you.

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