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When it comes to building a home it seems as though people are quite literally spoilt for choice. There are dozens of home builders in Curl Curl for instance but do these builders actually have the experience to build your dream home? It goes without saying that despite the fact that many builders are cheap they lack the capability to build a truly unique dream home. Many people have an image of the type of home they want and are often disappointed by the home builders in Curl Curl that they speak to. The reason being that these builders do not have the expertise to come up with something which is truly unique, useful and aesthetic but we do!

Most people who end up hiring cheap builders also end up being the least satisfied. Even though the costs of incurred were significantly lower than they would have been, they still hired an inexperienced company although they soon realize that they are not satisfied. So, they end up spending a lot more money on things like frequent repairs even though they are not satisfied with the home. A few people can back down from living in a home which has absorbed most of their savings. This is why we strongly advise that people begin with hiring expert services like the ones we offer so that they are not disappointed and do not spend as much on maintenance.

Leading home building service 

At Bleyer Constructions we have been building homes in Curl Curl for over fifty years. As a matter of fact we are often called one of the most experienced building companies in Australia. However, the number of years we have been in business is not the only reason why we are the best because there are a number of other reasons, for starters our clients have the highest satisfaction ratios. This means that we have more satisfied clients as compared to any other home builders in Curl Curl. The other reason why people choose to hire our services is because we employ only the very best and  most experienced professionals as part of our team. This allows us to not only design great looking homes but also to make those concepts reality. So, the homes we build look as good when completed as they did when they were models.

We also use the very best materials and craftsmen when building homes. This ensures that homes last longer and people are a lot more satisfied with the finished product. Plus depending on where we build and our client’s budget we will suggest changes so that the home lasts a lot longer and home owners do not need to spend so much money beyond minor repairs even after decades. This is perhaps one of the leading reasons why many people who have used our services have no problem recommending us to their friends and family members.

We make building your dream home easy 

At Bleyer Constructions we take every possible step to ensure that unlike other home builders in Curl Curl you find the whole process very easy. We take care of many of the formalities when it comes to paper work. This will save you time and effort.

If you want us to build your dream home then call us today at 02) 9982 4042.

Bleyer Constructions offer these building services to Curl Curl:

  • Home builder Curl Curl
  • New homes Curl Curl
  • First floor additions Curl Curl
  • Home extensions Curl Curl
  • Renovations Curl Curl
  • Double Storey House Curl Curl
  • Villa Curl Curl
  • Townhouses Curl Curl
  • Construction Curl Curl

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