Collaroy Based Renovations and Extensions to Create the House of Your Dreams

A building company based in Collaroy we provide house renovations and extensions, to clients in this area.

Renovating a house is a time consuming process with a lot of different areas to consider. What should be a fun and exciting process can often become quickly bogged down with unneeded stress and anxiety. But there is a way you can take the stress out of any renovating projects. Bleyer Constructions can boast of having over 50 years’ experience completing house renovations and extensions for Collaroy clients.

No matter what your renovating requirements, Bleyer Constructions has them covered. From creating a kitchen, to building a new bathroom, to even delivering you a new dining room, we can help.

Or perhaps your requirements are more aesthetically oriented? Do you want to give your house a modern feel? Or maybe you are going for an old world, vintage style? It doesn’t matter what your taste is, we can create a beautiful, functional renovation that will suit your exact needs.

You have to love in the living space you create, so while a great looking design is important, having a space that is efficient and makes good use of the space available is just as important. Bleyer Constructions have spent over 50 years building up their renovations expertise, and it shows. We consistently provide our customers with highly functional, beautiful spaces that are a joy to live in.

Along with renovations for our Collaroy-based customers, we also offer house extensions. This flexibility to be able to provide for any building requirements means we save you the trouble of having to deal with multiple companies at the same time. This will save you valuable time and money, and lessen your chance of delays and setbacks.

Whether you want a housing extension that will blend in completely with the look and feel of your house, or you want something that will stand out and draw the eye we can provide for your requirements.

At Bleyer Constructions we know that our Collaroy-based customers will want only the best house renovations and extensions. While most companies will charge highly for even the most basic of services, we believe in keeping our prices fair and affordable, while also keeping our quality high. Our workmanship is top-notch, and the Bleyer Constructions team will work quickly to bring your ideal housing changes to life.

Making house renovations easy 

When we take over your house renovations in Collaroy you can be rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned. Every repair, paint or replacement will be carried out by a team of certified experts with years of experience. As experts, we take every possible measure to ensure that we cause little or no disruption to your daily life. Though we do acknowledge that there will be some disruption depending on the nature of the renovations we undertake but we ensure that it’s not a huge hassle for you and your family.

We also use the best quality materials that money can buy which are guaranteed to be durable. The materials we use have over the years proven to be the very best in the business. This ensures that every dollar you spend on your project is maximized because it lasts you a lot longer than cheaper materials.
So, contact us today to save money in the long run.

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