House Extensions and Renovations

Unsurpassed Experience and Expertise in Home Extensions, Northern Beaches Sydney

Unlike other typical construction companies, Bleyer Constructions specialises in all building facets, not solely new home or first floor additions. This continues to provide us with greater flexibility and a broader expertise in meeting any of your requirements, no matter how unique. We have completed numerous house extensions in Sydney and often surpass our client’s expectations. Our specific attention to detail and experience allows us to envisage and implement renovations in homes truly reinventing them- inside and out.

We are passionate about being able to design and construct functional and appealing renovations. Our team of builders and designers work closely with our clients to ensure that home renovations in Sydney are designed and completed in a timely manner, with superb finishes and within your budget.

Whether a new entertaining area, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen is desired, Bleyer Constructions provide a quality, cost effective solution to house extensions in Sydney.

Useful house extensions in Northern Beaches

When most people come to us asking to build house extensions in Northern Beaches the first thing we want to know is the purpose of the extension, the reason why is important because there are various types of extensions. Some people may want to have a larger extension than others to accommodate a growing family others may just want an extra room for guests. In addition, by knowing what the extension will be used for allows us to plan and design a useful extension especially for that purpose. This is then also carried out in the way we build that extension.

Extensions that last

When we build house extensions in Northern Beaches we do so for them to last very long. Even though some home owners may not be interested in living there for over five or six years but having a well built extension adds a significant amount of value to your property for when it’s time to sell. By using the best materials and professionals we ensure that the value we add to your property is something that is much more that it costs to hire our services. So, this means that people actually save money in the long term.

From design to construction

At Bleyer Constructions we take care of building home extensions starting from the initial design which is based on your input to the final construction of the extension. We also make sure that we stay as close to the original design when building an extension unless the home owner requires us to change things around. Though we are flexible and always strive to satisfy our clients there may be some changes that are not possible during the construction phase. That said we assure all our clients that the end result is always a beautiful looking extension which looks every bit as part of your home as your backyard. Since, we also use the best materials home owners can be assured that the extension will be standing for a very long time, a testament to our ability to build homes that last forever.

If you are looking to add an extension to your home and are not sure how to start or are searching for a company you can rely on then look no further than Bleyer Constructions. Regardless, of the size or type of extension we can handle the job for you.

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