Advantages of Building Your Own Home Northern Beaches

Advantages of Building Your Own Home | Northern Beaches, Sydney

Buying a home is the biggest financial investment you will ever make in your life, and since you’re going to be living in it, it might as well be exactly what you want it to be. To ensure you get exactly what you want; nothing more, nothing less, building your own home is a great alternative to settling.

Though most think building is more expensive than simply buying an existing home, it can actually be less expensive if an ample amount of research is done to find the right contractor for the right price. The weeding out process may be hard, but if it means saving thousands of dollars, the time and energy will be worth it.

The biggest hitch to get over will be the time factor. Building a house can take months or years to finally complete; that is why it is important to find the right contractor to get the job done in the time frame you have in mind.

Building can also be stressful with the amount of decisions that need to be made. Every detail, big and small, from the floor plan to what light switch covers you want, has to be made by you.

Some, however, will find the ability to choose everything exhilarating and refreshing, but the decisions will definitely take up a lot of time and once something is put in, you may decide you want is another way, so it has to be changed, which takes even more time.

But the ability to choose everything you want allows you the freedom to customize the house to your lifestyle and your flow. This can make living in it a lot easier, because the house was built specifically for you and no one else.

This also allows for a completely unique home, and you know that no one else is living in a home quite like yours. This factor alone can attract buyers, knowing that they have a home that is 100 percent original.

Another draw in building your own home, is that you get to pick your own lot. This means that the size of the yard is up to you; where the property is located is up to you; which direction the house is facing is up to you; everything can be chosen by yourself.

After choosing the lot you can choose a floor plan works perfectly for your needs. You can have a huge master bedroom and a small office, the closets can be any size you want, you can have a pantry, double wall ovens, two living rooms, tons of storage–everything from size to location of the rooms are all decided on by you.

The home doesn’t have to be completely original though, you can take ideas from other homes you like and implement them into an existing floor plan. If you like most of a floor plan, but there are a few things from another floor plan that you want, you can take both ideas and combine them together to fit your needs.

When buying a pre-existing home, you get things you don’t need, like a separate dining room, or you don’t get the things you want, like a separate tub and shower. But when building your own home you get exactly what you want; no extras, not settling.

If you are making an investment that cost upwards of $100,000 and you have to live in it for years to come, it should be something that you love completely and that works for your lifestyle.

Building your own home is a great way to go if you want something that fits your needs perfectly, and you don’t want to settle on a house that is just “good enough.” It may take more time, but in return you get a completely custom home that was built just for you…

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